jueves, 26 de septiembre de 2019


By Magdalina Popova

Hello, everyone!

We’d like to talk a little bit about our Erasmus + experience at Lecce, Italy. 

The first day we spent traveling from Valencia to Bari. Then we had to take the train from Bari to Lecce. Everything went well and we arrived in Lecce at 2 am on Friday (13th of September). We were really tired but motivated at the same time. 

The first day everyone was nervous and shy. It was pretty normal. We had to introduce ourselves and we did a lot of activities in the local park. We had fun. After that we had to play a really interesting game and to find different locations and typical italian things. 

As the days went by we got to know everyone a lot better. 

We had an amazing daily program and the people from Italy were really welcoming. We made a lot of new friendships with the people from the other countries. The Irish team and the Greek team were our closest friends. The others were pretty amazing too. 

We would never forget our kind italian roommate (Marianna) and her talented boyfriend Cosimo. They helped us a lot through the whole trip. 

We went to Otranto and it was pretty amazing. Really beautiful and interesting. 

Every day after dinner we were staying at the hostel’s garden chatting and playing funny games. Taking pictures and talking about life. We became really close and spending time with everyone there was so incredible.

We were going out almost every night too. Exploring the city at night, tasting some local food like pasticciotto or the typical italian pizza, pasta and many more things. Everything was so tasty. The food from the hostel too. 

We made such beautiful friendships and the time that we spent there was unforgettable. Everyone was so kind and we learned a lot. 

We would like to thank everyone for everything and believe us, we would never forget how amazing and challenging it was. 
The last day we cried a lot. Saying goodbye isn’t an easy thing. It was sad. Really sad. 
But anyway, we are so happy that we had the opportunity to be part of this amazing experience. Badabing badabom, to our new erasmus family! 

The Spanish team had an incredible week. 

Forever thankful.

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