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ERASMUS +: Encuentro de jóvenes WELL DONE 12-19 Octubre de 2015/Arcavacata di Rende – Cosenza – Calabria/ITALIA

Estamos buscando jóvenes de entre 18 y 30, para participar en un intercambio cultural que se celebrará 12 de octubre al 19. Los participantes no requieren una cuota de participación y el reembolso de los billetes de viaje es de 170 € por participante.


The project will explore the concept of youth employment in an informal and equal in which the young participants will discuss and analyze together their work experience and / or job search, employment and entrepreneurship, acquisition of key skills, mode entry into the labor market.

The objectives of the project are therefore: to acquire critical skills and constructive respect to issues related to employment, career guidance, entrepreneurship. The project will explore the themes of youth employment with a focus on the development and recognition of skills, mode of entry into the labor market, on self-employment, on methods and tools for the research work, innovative start-ups, new technologies related employability and self-employment.

The exchange is open to boys 8 girls / Italian and 8 girls / Spanish with a 'between the ages of 18 and 30 and will be held in Cosenza - Calabria.

The two groups involved in the project will work with non-formal and informal methods: they will debate on training and work experience, share, participate in experiential paths of everyone and is concentrating on his own subjectivity and experience, all to facilitate comparison and discussion on issues related to work and employment, underlying theme of all activities. The exchange will then have a positive impact on young people as protagonists and witnesses of experiences and the community since the results will be disseminated by the two associations to their members and community of origin of the participants.

Venue: Campus Unical Arcavcata di Rende

Participants: 8 participants (of age 18 -30) + 1 group leader (of any age)

Working language: English/Italian/Spanish (but it’s also not a problem if you or someone of your group have not a good knowledge of it).

Summary of the Project:


Our advices: book a cheap flight and you land in Rome. From Rome, take a shuttle bus (type Terravision) and arrive at Termini Station. From Termini Station take the metro to Tiburtina Station and from there a bus to Cosenza. Option: to book your tickets to Lamezia International Airport (SUF). Flying to Lamezia Terme International Airport is also an option but is more far and less connected with public transport to Cosenza. And yet the prices of the shuttle is very expensive. http://www.al-volo.net/
http://www.autolineeromano.com/n/reg/cs_lam.htm. Please this link for a cheap flight: www.volagratis.it

In Arcavcata di Rende – Cosenza Unical Campus, participants will be accommodated to “Socrates Residence” hotel in the Campus Unical in bedroom sharing a twin or triple room with and toilet/shower. Towels, bed linen, and soap will be provided. Please bring your own personal toiletries.


Cultural Evening: Please arrange with your country leader and participants to bring some gastronomic specialties (food and/or drinks) from your country. It is also strongly recommended to prepare and bring some material showing your country/region/city, and the traditional (or modern) music and dances.

Sports/comfortable clothes: Make sure to bring comfortable clothes and/or ones that may get dirty or destroyed during the practical workshops.

Traditional professions in your country: In communication with your country leader, please prepare some material to show and inform the other participants about the traditional professions in your country (or home town).

Personal insurance: Insurance cover for personal effects is the responsibility of the individual participant. You are recommended to ensure that you have adequate medical and travel insurance to cover the period of your stay in Cosenza. Neither our organization nor any venue used during the event can entertain claims against loss of or damage to personal property.

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