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ILÊWASI is looking for energetic and initiative volunteer for countryside organization 12 months volunteering.

Hosting organization

NILA is a small NGO located in West of Latvia (small city Pavilosta has less than 2000 inhabitants) and its only youth center (Youth room) is welcoming a volunteer we would like to host there.

NILA  encourages young people from country-side
NGO “ From idea to development” (hereinafter – NILA)  is established in 2009 and it takes action in the West of Latvia – in the small city Pavilosta which is a country- side area (along the River and Baltic Sea). NILA  is established to encourage young people from country-side to be as competitive as those from big cities. NILA tries to offer different kind of possibilities that usually are not accessible in country-side, but only in big cities.

The main objectives of the organization is social integration, education and development of human resources of young people in order to promote the development of Pavilosta district as well as to encourage participation of young people (in the civil life as well as European community). NILA tries to develop the ways of qualitative free time spending of young people in Pavilosta and to encourage young people to be aware of European citizenship. We stress on the importance of cooperation with young people of other European countries to broaden up the scope of young people from rural environment.

Pavilosta is a small town in the West Latvia with potentially active and educated youth. NILA is very motivated to raise the self-assessment and change the perception of life of young people with having limited financial and social resources. Creation of youth groups, lectures, joint activities, trainings and international experience are the main activities to achieve the goal - the social integration and active participation in social activities regardless the origin of the youth (decrease the gap of the possibilities between the youth in the cities and in the regions of Latvia). Support of Local Government, school and social workers is a key to organize the social inclusion in the town and involve the young people who require these activities the most.
NILA is proud of our young people who are really interested in cooperation with other European organizations to be able to get to know each other, to share experience, to discuss and to face with different cultures. Our young people are interested in outdoor activities (sports, games, socializing activities etc.) as well as in culture, education and cooperation activities.

Project name:

"Sparkling ocean"

Sparkling ocean - because EVS hosting place is surrounded by Baltic sea – natural as it is reflecting ocean integrity and is located in country side where volunteer will have as wide activity opportunities to create/develop/support as ocean! Besides this will be the very first volunteering project in the local area, so, a kind of innovation to local society!

Volunteering time:

12 months: April 1 2016-April 1 2017

Volunteer tasks:

Mostly active partnership in NILA youth center „ Youth room” including:

1) Administration at youth center;
2) Support in activity planning (local and international);
3) EVS popularization in local society;
4) NILA web site development
5) Project planning;
6) Activity leading twice a week (depends on volunteer’s skills, but would be nice to have culture activities , media, sport, music, creativity, innovation and other things that young people are interested in);
7) Supporting activities in local establishments (NILA partners).

Volunteer profile:

Nila is expecting to host a very positive volunteer 
Nila is expecting to host very positive, responsible and active volunteer who is interested to take part in NILA activities with great initiative. They are open to have different activities managed by volunteer at least twice a week (could be local languange, music lessons, coolinary, art, sport activities, dances etc. – depends on country where a volunteer comes from).

The rest of the volunteering time will be spent either in NILA youth center or in neibourhood organizations (NILA partners).

Volunteer should be full of energy and be able to initiate interesting activities and lead them to the local youth.

It would be good if the volunteer is from countryside and used to live in rural areas or is interested about it. Volunteers need to be flexible on working hours (evening and weekends are possible).

How to apply:

Please send your CV and mottivation letter including information about yourself and activity description that you can do to young people to

Additional information:

Volunteers must understand that they are coming in total countryside and their living and working places can be very far from town centres and the public transportation is poor.
Volunteer must understand that winter is very cold and dark in Latvia. There are not many amusements here and everything is far from everywhere. But still, there are nice people and we are eager to cooperate, to host and build up a great cooperation.

Please send CV and motivation letter to

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