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The 4th International Summer School (Award-Winning) on Peace Education, and Child Rights

The 4th International Summer School (Award-Winning) on Peace Education, and Child Rights

When: 11-15 July 2016 

University of Jaume-I, Castellon, and 
Albergue Argentina (Benicássim- Spain)

Many things can wait; the child cannot. Now is the time his bones are being formed, his mind is being developed. To him we cannot say tomorrow; his name is today. (Gabriela Mistral) 

Recognising its previous three successful impact oriented organisations, which brought good name to the city, the town council of Castellón, hence, awarded the project with the prestigious PEACE AWARD 2016. 

Concept Note: 
Violence and abuse against children happen all over the world. Millions of boys and girls are facing injuries, disabilities, sometimes even death and lifelong emotional effects because of the violence they experience. Girls and boys have the right of protection against violence. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child gives each girl and boy under 18 rights in all areas important for his or her development to health, education and protection – without discrimination of any kind. 

ILEWASI, therefore, promotes and spread the voice of the rights of children by organising various activities with diverse group of children and adults. The 4th International Summer School on Peace Education, and Child Rights is one of the activities of the organisation. 

The Summer School will give the participants an insider's understanding of the mechanisms to enable them about human rights at a youth summer resort within the beautiful surroundings of Mediterranean Sea. The school will equip the selected participants with the tools to experience rights in action, live their lives according to human rights values, and take action on human rights issues affecting themselves and their communities. It differentiates from other courses by providing 
theoretical and practical knowledge of the theme as well as gives opportunity for personal growth to fight for the rights by nonviolent ways. The focus throughout is practical and applied. 

The programme offers introductory course on the fundamentals of international human rights along with the teaching and workshops sessions on woman’s rights, child rights, peace education and nonviolence and their application towards today’s world. In addition to these theoretical and practical morning sessions, the afternoon sessions of the programme provide learning opportunities by extra-curricular activities. We are aiming at to organise meditation, and yoga sessions, trekking in the nearest mountains, beach activities at nights and inter-cultural nights. 


 To empower future decision and policy makers to work for the rights of children through means of peace education. 

 To widen theoretical and practical skills of participants. 

HOW (methodology): 

The participants are encouraged to be fully involved in the scheduled programmes. The methods include presentations by leading experts in the field, interactive sessions, group exercises and role-plays. All participants are given copies of relevant documents and course materials both in hard copy and on an USB memory stick, and receive a certificate of attendance. 
The medium of instruction is bilingual, English and Spanish. Translators would be provided. 

WHERE (location): 
Following the quote “mens sana in corpore sano” (A healthy mind is in a healthy body), the purpose of the selection of the location is to provide the best environment to the participant for refreshing their minds and bodies during the course, whilst learning adequately. 

The course is going to be organised at two places. Morning sessions will be held at the Seminar Room of the University of Jaume-I, Castellón, whilst the afternoon workshops will be conducted at the Youth Hostel of Benicassim, Spain. The organisers will arrange the transportation between the centers. 

The city is very popular summer resort at Mediterranean coast as well as house of famous International Festival of Benicassim (FIB) and Rototom (the Reggie festival). The center is located at the beautiful beach of Mediterranean coast, and it is surrounded by the lush green hills. 


We recognise that a major aspect of working towards this vision is to work closely with young people, as citizens now and leaders of the future. The course aims at the diverse group of students and early career professionals under the age of 35, belonging to any background. 

Attached is the application form to be submitted by 25th June 2016. The selected participants will be notified by 29th June. 


The course fee is 180.00 (One hundred and Eighty euros). The fee includes 5days accommodation (double occupancy), and three meals of the day. However, Travel costs to and from the Center are NOT covered. But, we can guide for their travel routes to the destination. The detailed information will be given to the selected participants. 

Contact Information, and submission of the application to: 

Dr. Malik Hammad Ahmad: formandoiw@gmail.com 

ILEWASI Center of Investigation, promotion and defence of the rights of Children and Adolescents. www.ilewasi.blogspot.com Pº Morella, nº 74 
12006 Castellón de la Plana. Telf. +34 660510743


http://www.uji.es/cultura/cursos-estiu/base/cursosestiu/estiu-2016/cursos-2016/relacio-cursos/07-xiquets/# (Spanish Only) 

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