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Por Jana Blahová
Spanish Team, a real great team!

Topic of the Youth Exchange: Youth in the face of radicalization

Participating countries: France, Greece, Italy, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia, Spain (6 people from every country)

Organizing team: Genesis, Jana, Oscar, Lidón Rafi, Helena, Edgar, Irene, Kris, María José, Mari Paz, Miguel, Naiara, y Paula, (and of course Marianita).

The week was full of workshops, activities, free time, and meetings of interests, meetings different cultures, understandings, misunderstandings, and open minds. Also full of many other little things, thankfulness versus complaints, humanity, and respect versus radicalization.

Moments of relax with sun the first days
Visit to Benicàssim
The firsts three days there were workshops about identity, radicalization, concept of radicalization and violent radicalization. Every country presented the concept of radicalization in own country. 

Modern Art Museum in Castelló
Visit to Castelló and its art
And as a radicalization has many faces all Youth Exchange was focus on how to face up to radicalization through the art. Activities as are visitation of the Museum of Art in Castellón,workshops focus on the expression of radicalization in theatre, video, paint and in work with claim helped to participants realize many things. We also visited the City of Castelló and several sculptures and buildings there.

Visit to Lonja in Valencia
Jana and Marianita at Lonja
Thursday was “day off”. It was an excursion day to Valencia. Spanish team showed some of the best-known monuments, institutional buildings and sights to their foreign friends. The lucky was that it was open day and almost every sight was for free. 

Noche en Benicàssim
During the night there were intercultural nights of participating countries. The Spanish turn was organized form of las tascas. Everybody had a possibility to try typical Spanish food and, of course, the typical drink: Sangría

The Youth Exchange can teach you and also deepen some important things you have already known.

For example:

-when you really want, you can do everything – everything is up to you
-not everything is how you wish it was
-superficiality has many faces 
-discussion is really important – but the most important is to be open mind and listen to others
-thankfulness is the most important and also magical thing ever
-it is not about places but about the people  
-it is not possible to satisfy everybody
-project about radicalization could be suddenly the best example of radicalization
-life is the learning process/way
-meetings with people, communication with them, listening to different points of view and ideas can help you to be a better person  
-there are your own ideas, attitudes, feelings, thoughts which create you and it is the reason why you are you, why you are the unique person 
-only you are responsible for your behavior 
-be happy for every second of our life and enjoy the present time
Radicalization through art

Despite a lot of unpleasing situations, all Youth Exchange was really great. Also, it was really nice to meet people from other countries, especially the ones who are not from Europe. Everybody should be grateful that could be there. ¡¡ One experience more!! :-)
¡HOLA SOY Marianita!

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