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Por Jana Blahová


Everything has started at the end of the training course Replay in Rumania ( One of the trainers, Sipi, told us about the training course Coach Your Team by Coaching Yourself (CYTCY) in Bulgaria. Immediately, I started to think about to go. It has passed some days and I asked Sipi about the info pack. It did not take a long time and I was on the board. 

The training course was in Ravnogor, one of the Bulgarian villages. All week was such nice and sunny weather. 

There were 30 participants and 17 nationalities (Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Izrael, Lithuania, Nord Macedonia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, and Ukraine).

Arrival day (21.10. Monday)

My adventure started on Sunday the 20th. It was the first time after a long time I have traveled alone. It means, I was so excited, in stress, and happy at the same time. My journey included way from the Castellón de la Plana to Barcelona and flight from Barcelona to Sofia. And because my flight was later evening I had to go to Barcelona earlier. The flight had delay one hour and a half because of the weather. So I came to Sofia at about 3 am. I did not know where to go. I slept a little bit at the airport but most of the time I was waiting and waiting until I decided to take a free shuttle service from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 which is a modern one.

After a long night, I drank coffee. I changed the money. And I found the metro station. I took the metro to the city center. I explored the city. I met my friend from the training course Replay. And I found the people who went to the training course CYTCY. 

Around 4 pm we went by bus to a lovely village Ravnogor. It took about 3 hours to reach our goal. We chose the room, roommate, we had dinner, and the first meeting as a group in the training course. We dealt with practical information, rules, norms, logistic part of the project (part of the reimbursement process, etc.). An
d after a long day, we went finally to bed.

The second day (22.10. Tuesday)

After breakfast, we started with the introduction of the daily program. The program continued by mingling - free movement of every person at the training room with the card in the hand. When we stopped we found a person and we needed to answer each other to the question we had on the card.

The next activity was a quick interview about our coaching experiences. One person was a coach, the second coachee.

Then we were standing up in the circle and the task was to choose a person who will be our buddy. It was the person with which we shared our feelings, emotions, issues. Also, we had an agreement about the help of each other. 

Next, we started with the official coaching. The first activity was called a Reality check. And as the name of the tool says the reality check is about to check reality. The person answers the questions: how is s/he feeling, what does s/he do in her/his life, where does s/he live, what does s/he do in free time? etc. 

After the break, there was introduced the De Galan method. We practiced the method. And then after dinner, we watched short movies.

The third day (23.10. Wednesday)

After breakfast, there was an activity called Phenomena. It means, we walked in the silence for one hour. We did not know how long we will go but it had magical moments. Then we shared experiences and talk about the differences between "I am sad" and "I feel sad". 

Later there was a perceptual position presented to us. Again, we practiced and after dinner, there was a short body movement exercise.

On this day, there were started the first coaching meeting groups. We divided into 6 groups for 5 people. And of course, it would not be me if I kept the name of the coaching group. I have immediately changed it to the couching group. 

The fourth day (24.10. Thursday)

This day there was presented the Communication Style Method. In this method, there are 4 groups of people according to their characteristics and needs. Some people have on the first place Quality, other ones Support, Control or Enthusiasm. Also, people from the group of Quality and Control take care more about the tasks, others about the people. Enthusiasm and Control are more dominant and the others more reserve. 

Then there was an activity about the concept of politeness about the lies, excuses, and the games we play in our lives. The talk included images, pretense, masks to protect us because of fears, worries, comfort zone...the practicing involved to write lies, excuse and games we play, 15 items per each one, and talk about it with the buddy. 

This day we also practiced another technique, The TimeLine. The technique is focused to see the goal and the steps we need to do to reach it. 

The fifth day (25.10. Friday)

The morning was concentrated on the next method, The Radical Honesty. This method includes 6 steps: Environment, Behavior, Skills/Capabilities, Beliefs/Values, Identity and Purpose/Mission/Vision. After the demonstration of the method, we could practice in pairs. Afternoon we were outside to do the slackline. It included overcoming our fears and trust in people. 

The sixth day (26.10. Saturday)

The leadership activity called The Flock of the birds was the target of the Saturday morning. At first, we practiced walking as a flock in the silence. Then there was the followed task: division into 3 groups, choosing the shape we will walk in 2 meters from each other 2 kilometers from the hotel, and to stay quiet. 

Afternoon we practice the next method, The Systematic Work, called also Constellation. The method involves 4 principles Acknowledge, Time, Place, and Exchange. 

After dinner, we met in the training room to talk about Coaching Day, how it will work, what is necessary to do as a coach, etc. Everyone also needed to choose the coach and coachee.

The seventh day (27.10. Sunday)

Coaching day 

The half-day we spent with our coach and the rest of the day with the coachee. The day had the following structure: breakfast, interview with the coach/coachee, preparation (thinking about which method to use), coaching session, break, clearing (conclusion of the coaching session, agreement, feedback), lunch, supervision (sharing with the trainers). And afternoon the same structure with coach/coachee, dinner, and coaching group (sharing/reflection with 5 people).

The eighth day (28.10. Monday)

Morning: sharing and evaluation of the previous day. The activity Sources of success we did after, contains result, action (planned we did/hesitated and did), insight (AHA moment), new understanding, identified mistake, question). The task was for 5 minutes to write as many items as possible about what we have learned, discovered during the training course, to say one the most important thing, and jump from the chair to the air, and talk with the buddy about every item. 

During the following energizer, we played we are ducks. The ducks without space, need to squeeze more and more, try to dance on the small place on the music. And suddenly there was rhythmic, energetic music and we can dance as people. It was funny and crazy.
All afternoon there was an open space where we could do activities we would like to share with others, or we could only participate. It was really interesting. 

The ninth day (29.10. Thursday)

There was talk about the administration's things, future opportunities, Youthpass, dissemination, incompletions and also, the slackline activity. During the afternoon, there was closing and saying goodbye time to our coaching (couching) groups, and then the thanking route. Everybody could find the person would like to say thank you. Later, we wrote a letter for ourselves, we changed it with our buddy, we asked him/her to send it to us a specific day/month, and we made an agreement with him/her about our future relationship, too. 

Before dinner, we came to the training room. Everyone took one of the parts of the game Jenga and needed to write there what does s/he is thankful for or what did s/he learn during the training. We shared it and listened to the goodbye song. To dinner, we should bring our dinner date. During the dinner, we received the YouthPass and certificate from the Smonkinya Foundation. After dinner, there was a disco and we danced and said goodbye to the hotel, to friends, to everyone, and everything. 

The tenth day (30.20. Wednesday)

The departure day. We left around 7 am to reach Sofia around 10 am to catch the flights. The rest of the people who had not the morning flight spent time together. And that is. It is over. 

It was a really interesting experience. I have learned many things about myself. One of them and maybe the most important one is the finding I can be calm down and listen to somebody who has the problem. Do not talk about myself and also do not interrupt the person, just listen, and be present for him/her.

It was incredible. I did not expect the course will be concentrated more on ourselves. It has spread my comfort zone, it has shown me the games I play, it has helped me to start to work and to concentrate more on myself. 

I have realized many things about myself, I have started with the healing process.
Thank you very much Smonkinya Foundation and Erasmus + I could participate in and to be present during the training course.

 Take the action!

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