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 By Bayan Peikari

This past week, people from all over the world came to attend II Congreso de Educación para hacer las paces en diálogo con la Filosofía con niños y niñas. 

This congress, which brought together educators, philosophers, and supporters dedicated to fostering critical thinking in children, served as a beacon of hope. The importance of holistic education that fosters empathy, understanding, and cooperation increased as the world changed quickly. 

The Congress embraced this crucial goal, realizing that education served to foster the hearts and minds of future generations as well as the transmission of knowledge. Participants in the congress took part in thought-provoking presentations, lively workshops, and lively discussions that explored the relationship between education, philosophy, and peacebuilding. A rich exchange of ideas was fostered as experts from various backgrounds shared their knowledge, research, and cutting-edge techniques. This empowered the attendees to improve their teaching strategies and develop inclusive learning environments. 



Congress participants engage in a learning exercise designed to help children foster creativity led by Dr. Joanna Haynes, a leading expert in education studies


Many of the international participants had the chance to become fully immersed in the local culture, have meaningful conversations with professionals who shared their interests, and create long-lasting connections that crossed national boundaries and enriched their academic journeys. The congress served as evidence of the group's success in spreading the values of dialogue, critical thought, and peace among young people. Together, attendees used philosophy, education, and the impact of compassionate teaching to create a better future. 



Congress attendees getting dinner together after their daily sessions and learning about the Spanish culture


One of our most notable sessions was led by our very own María Paz Ramos Martín.

In her presentation titled "Afro-descendant pedagogical proposals in dialogue with the REM (Reconstructive Empowering Education for Peace) approach," In order to empower and advance peace in educational settings, Maria Paz investigated the intersection of Afro-descendant education and the REM approach. 

The presentation by Mara Paz emphasized the distinct difficulties that communities of African descent face and the significance of incorporating their experiences, history, and culture into the educational framework. She emphasized the requirement for pedagogical ideas that promote diversity, respect, and awareness of Afro-descendant heritage. María Paz proposed creative pedagogical strategies that engage students of Afro-descendancy and provide platforms for their voices to be heard, drawing on the REM approach, which aims to reconstruct education for peace by promoting critical thinking, empathy, and social justice. She emphasized the importance of creating an accepting and empowering environment that inspires students of African descent to embrace their identities, confront stereotypes, and make positive contributions to society.


Throughout her presentation, María Paz shared practical examples, case studies, and success stories of Afro-descendant pedagogical proposals in action. She highlighted the transformative power of these approaches, not only in empowering Afro-descendant students but also in promoting intercultural dialogue, fostering understanding, and nurturing peaceful coexistence among diverse communities. Overall, María Paz's presentation delved into the importance of Afro-descendant pedagogical proposals in dialogue with the REM approach, showcasing how these approaches can empower marginalized communities, promote peace, and contribute to a more inclusive and equitable educational system.


With Anca Rotila, the person leading the Congress which is based on his PhD research


Throughout this congress, participants developed new knowledge and strategies for how to implement philosophical tactics with children. 

Overall, the congress offered a transformative experience for attendees, enabling them to broaden their knowledge and skill set in working with children. 

The acquired knowledge and strategies will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on participants' professional practices, leading to more effective and meaningful interactions with young learners.

Congress attendees ending their week with a beach day on one of Benicassim’s beautiful beaches

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