lunes, 30 de diciembre de 2019


By Jana Blahová

Training course, Be the change, Slovakia
Spanish Team: Mari Paz, Genesis, Jana

The training course in Slovakia was interesting. It has shown me personal, characteristic, cultural, and professional differences. The main topics were about mindfulness, self-development, and stereotypes. It means, the program includes different kind of meditation's activities, techniques, and methods focused on how to enjoy/live in the present time, and how to break stereotypes. The learning process was full of useful activities, games, and workshops the participants can use after the training course in the personal, social, and professional life.

During the course, we changed ideas and reflected a lot of. Also, we could express ourselves during Open Space. The structure of the day included 3 “working” sessions, reflection group, messengers groups, and candle circle. The reflection group was a group of 5 where we talked about how are feel, etc. One person from the Reflection group should go to the Messenger group to talk with the trainers. Inside of the Candle circle, we could say what we are thankful for today for or say anything.   
I am grateful I could participate. I have realized many things. I had possibility to observe similarities and differences, learned how to better work with the group and also with myself, got to know many people and a lit bit of their cultures. It has opened my mind more! 

One word: Erasmus+ projects are meaningful! 

By M Paz Ramos

What I liked the most of the TC was the energy of the group and the feeling to be connected to  people that several days before I didn't even know.

The day of the arrival was great! Jana, Génesis and I could enjoy out of our daily routine at the office and walk along the streets of Bratislava with an exceptional guide: our friend Jana, who showed us the city with all the explanations about the food, traditions and everything about Slovakian culture. The same happened in our next stop: Trnava, as Jana has studied there. Thanks Jana!! 

Feeling at home we started to meet the other participants and after some workshops, several coffees at "Sinagoga" and a trip to Smolenice I felt I knew everyone for a long time!! 

Smolenice!! Great trip with amazing people!!
We shared the training and a lot of smiles, I loved the activity of Open Space where all our colleagues  shared a lot of workshops, they were amazing, so I will put them here to share with everyone that want to have a good training experience!!

Last night it was fun, we enjoyed a lot all together and it was hard to say good bye. 

 Sometimes it is strange how you can be connected to people in a so short period of time, but it happens and it is great... that was for me the "be the change" experience: pure connection with amazing people from such different corners of Europe! I will miss them!!

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